• Click the selected method of payment, and input your deposit amount.

  • Minimum amount 100. You can partake in ongoing and live betting promotions.

  • (1) GCash - Maya Instant Payment (2) GCash - Grabpay Alternative Method

  • Every promotion involves a regular betting qualification, having a turnover of less than 1.

  • One point to bear in mind when depositing money with promotion is that if you don't check, your action will be viewed as forgone.

Deposit Instructions


  • E-wallet’s addition gives an option for E-wallet withdrawal.

  • Frequent withdrawal 5 (times) - enter the withdrawal password for transactions which have to be accessed.

  • Wait for 5 to 10 minutes peacefully for the transaction to be fully settled.

  • Draw limit - 100 - 30,000

  • You got your bank account right. However, if you provide the wrong information you cannot complain to the management of our company.

Withdrawal Instructions

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